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Business Building Blocks

Corporate Filings

Annual Report

The Annual Report is a filing that details your company’s activities throughout the previous year. The intention of Annual Reports is to give state governing authorities information regarding the names and addresses of directors or managing members of a corporation or LLC, as well as the company and registered agent address. In some states the annual report is filed at a specific date for all entities regardless of the date of formation while other states require that the annual report is filed on the anniversary date of formation.

Foreign Qualification

A Foreign Qualification or the Certificate of Authority is the process of registering an LLC or corporation to do business in a state outside the state of incorporation. A Foreign Qualification must be completed for each specific state in which the corporation or LLC intends to conduct business. Should a company fail to file the Foreign Qualification, it does not have legal standing or authority to transact business within that state. There are different rules regarding what constitutes transacting business, within each state.

Change of Agent

A change of Registered Agent is the form filed with the state to enable the appointment of a new Registered Agent for a corporation or LLC. The form used to process the order as well as the fee varies by state. There are some states that may require an original signature from Registered Agent to be appointed and or the corporate officers.

Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing, which is also known as a Certificate of Status or Certificate of Existence, is often needed in order to obtain a loan, renew a business license or for tax filings. The document verifies that the business entity is in good standing with the state. The Good Standing Certificate is a one page document provided by the Secretary of State and shows decisive proof of the status of the entity.

Corporate Services

Registered Agent

A Registered Agent, Statutory Agent, Resident Agent or Agent for service of Process is required by every state. The Registered Agent address is the address that will be used by the state for any official correspondence, whether it be legal or tax related.

The Registered Agent address must be a physical, in-state street address; no PO Boxes are allowed. If needed, Entity Builders can provide you with a Registered Agent for $99 per year and any mail from the state shall be forwarded to your mailing address.

Corporation & LLC Kits

The Corporate/LLC Kit is an accessory for an existing corporation or LLC, or for one which Entity Builders is establishing for you. It includes a professional binder enclosed in a matching slip case, customized with the name of your company on the spine. It comes with a metal die-cast corporate embossing seal with its own pouch, customized with the name of your company and the date and state of formation.

All kits are mailed next day using UPS shipping. Free shipping with each order! Only $99.

IRS Filings

EIN Letter

To obtain an EIN Letter for your business, the IRS requires the SSR form to be filed

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S-Corp Election

To get S-Corporation status for purposes of federal taxation, the IRS requires the 2553 Form to be filed.

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Business Funding Assessment

Do you require capital to get your new business off of the ground? Entity Builders can assist you in determining the fundability of your business, and put you in touch with lenders and investors that can inject much needed cash into your venture! The consultation is quick and easy, and we can have a funding assessment completed within 24 hours. If you’re interested in seeing how much you may qualify for, fill out the short form below.


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